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el temWhat crossover costumes would you want to see crea trajes ideas de otros franquicias de capcom

hay un tema de street fighter v el tema se llama What crossover costumes would you want to see? el tema es crea ideas de de los trajes de las franquicias de otros juegos de capcom tal como sucedio con monster hunter darkstalker canon pike entre otros este tema en capcom unity se publico en el juego street fighter v arcade edition esto dice en ese tema en capcom unity What crossover costumes would you want to see?
10 months ago :: Dec 15, 2017 - 1:55PM #1
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My only complaint so far about these costumes is that Nash keeps the green part of his face. He shouldn't have that; he should look exactly like Captain Commando. I'd rather these "be" the actual guests themselves instead of the Street Fighter characters obviously and sometimes poorly dressing up as the guests. See the Swap costumes in Street Fighter X Tekken on how they should not be done. I want the actual Captain Commando in Street Fighter V, with Nash's gameplay, and not Nash dressing up as Captain Commando.

Ryu as Hideo from Rival Schools
Ken as Ken from Street Fighter 2010
M. Bison as Wesker from Resident Evil

Dhalsim , tambien mis ideas salio en el juego como mike barlog esto yo dije en capcom unity What crossover costumes would you want to see?
3 months ago :: Jun 27, 2018 - 2:15AM #51
sergio reyes ledesma
sergio reyes ledesma
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Street Fighter X Mega Man
Costumes first street fighter

. Barlog costume mike

. Sagat costume adon

. Ibuki costume geki

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